Graduation research about Synaesthesia

Designing the Synaesthesia Phenomenon in a Virtual Experience
"How can I let a non-synaesthete experience what it is like to live with the
neurological phenomenon of Synaesthesia through an 'experience'?”

Synaesthesia is a term for mixing the translation of stimuli of the senses. The word is made up of the Greek words 'syn' (translation 'uni' or 'together') and 'aesthesia' (translation 'sensation'); sensation together.Although it is normal for senses to influence each other, people with Synaesthesia, also called 'Synaesthetes', have a strong and solid experience with it.
For example, colors can be tasted and sounds can be seen.

There are many different combinations of compounds. My graduation project aims to make this Synaesthesia tangible for people who do not know this phenomenon and/or people who do not know that they actually experience it. To introduce the world to an extra dimension that can be important for the current design world.
Synaesthesia is therefore not a deviation, but an

I have Synaesthesia and I have incorporated these experiences in my thesis. A virtual reality experience seen from the mind of a Synaesthete. When putting on the VR glasses, people step into my shoes and I let them experience a day in my life in the language of (my) Synaesthesia. Although it was an individual graduation research, I was not able to realize this VR experience without my great fellow student, Jamel Ziaty.

Check out this interview where I talk about my Synaesthesia. (Dutch)
And see below the reactions during the exhibition:

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