Hi, my name is Merel,
but most call me Murls —
I'm a Dutch independent illustrator & graphic designer with a love for digital & analog illustration, a wide and striking color palette with textures and an ambition to tell stories visually.
I work from my hometown Tilburg & 's-Hertogenbosch.
I like to discover the power of images on analog and digital levels
and I like to work in 2D illustration, realistic, surrealistic & conceptional art. 
I mostly create images for business branding, magazines, books, 
publications, prints and work on request. 
Think of infographics, educational, editorial & decorative illustration and graphic design. 

I am also involved in recording professional voice-overs,
for business & educational video's & podcasts.
Check out my voice-over work over here >

Interested in a collaboration?
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Thank you!
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